Holy Meatloaf, Batman! Where did 2022 go?

It’s already December 2022. Wait, what? Where did 2021 go or even 2022?


January 2021 found me skating on the rink of new normals.

After better than two years with the constraints of dialysis treatments, Hubby received a kidney transplant toward the end of January. New norm? No scheduling life around transporting him to and from the dialysis center three times a week. No scheduling activities around his five hour stays at the dialysis center. No total exhaustion from the treatments.

Due to anti-rejection meds, Hubby was on medical house arrest for six months. New norm? At least this was temporary, and little bit by little bit his energy improved. However, the only escape he had was his scheduled visits to the kidney clinic.

Is it any wonder that in July we embarked on the whirlwind 90-day camping trip of a lifetime we had been planning since his hospital discharge day? New norm? I learned a lot about myself as I adjusted to his new freedom but limited energy. Regaining energy after a transplant, we learned, was a slow process. I was ready (and so was he) to be back to the energy levels he had in 2017.


This year, 2022, found me swimming in the sea of new normals. This time, however, it has not been travel or Hubby’s doctor appointments. Instead, Hubby passed away in early February from COVID, and his passing has found me treading water in the ocean of grief and depression. I am learning to swim in this new sea as a writer and an independent, single woman in love with living life on her own.

If you are curious, that is not an easy task, and some days are better than others.

What’s to come in 2023?

It took several months in 2021 to learn how to live life as more than my husband’s caregiver. It has taken most of 2022 to learn to live life on my own once again.

As the year comes swiftly to a close, the possibilities on the horizon are endless.

I am breathing new life into Ink & Keyboard.

As I plan out 2023, I’d like your response to some questions:

  1. What are your writing goals for 2023?
  2. What frustrates you most about your writing life?
  3. What do you need in your writing life?
  4. What areas of writing would you like to explore in more depth?
  5. AND how can I help?

Please share your comments and ideas in the comment section below


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