About Ink & Keyboard

NOTE: This page, as well as the site, is under construction. Ink & Keyboard is set to re-launch January 1, 2022. Since it is under construction and revision, the look and content of many pages and features may change within the next hour or next few days.

Ink & Keyboard is a site for all writers. It is a place to find encouragement as well as in-depth articles about writing and the writing business. It is a place for beginning writers as well as accomplished writers.

When COVID brought on restrictions around the globe, in-person writing groups, workshops, retreats, and conferences closed up shop or went virtual. Writing, already a solitary career, became more secluded.

The concept of Ink & Keyboard began in 2018 after attending a writers’ conference where Rebecca realized that she had a library of knowledge that could be beneficial to many writers. Furthermore, she has perused several social media groups on writing and has become frustrated with the questions some writers ask and the basic knowledge that many writers lack.

Ink & Keyboard was born out of the need for this retired English/language arts teacher to continue to help writers.

In 2014, Rebecca retired from a 34-year career teaching high school. When asked what she was going to do with her time, she said, “I’m going to be writing. Writing books.”

The year she retired, she handed over the curriculum in its entirety to her colleague who would be teaching the creative writing course she had developed over the years. When she returned to visit those colleagues in the high school English department, she was encouraged to find a way to put her material and writing online.

The concept got sidelined and boxed as she and her husband set out to move south to Tennessee from Illinois. The chaos of moving and life pushed the idea of helping writers navigate their writer’s journey into her mind’s attic. She dibbled here and dabbled there without purpose or direction.

Her first difficulty has been learning how to be her own boss and champion. Her second difficulty has been what Steven Pressfield called resistance.

As she meandered the second half of 2022, she decided to take life and her writing by the reins and ride it like the wind.