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NOTE: This page, as well as the site, is under construction. Ink & Keyboard is set to re-launch January 1, 2022. Since it is under construction and revision, the look and content of many pages and features may change within the next hour or next few days.

Ink & Keyboard has two different mailings each month.

FIRST: Ink & Keyboard sends out an update email on Saturday mornings, Ink & Keyboard Weekly, that shares links to the week’s posts and articles. This way you don’t have to remember to visit the site. You can sit with your coffee in your favorite writing space and read the articles that interest you. The idea of this is that you don’t have to waste your valuable writer time reading through material that you already know or that doesn’t apply to what you write.

SECOND: Ink & Keyboard also sends out a monthly newsletter/ezine the first Saturday of the month, Ink & Keyboard Monthly, that is the editor’s take on writing groups, workshops, retreats, and conferences. Along with a single focus about writing, it also includes exercises in creativity and writing for the month.

Ink & Keyboard Monthly will become a paid subscription sometime in 2022.