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I thought so. You are curious about what subscribing to The Writer’s Notebook could add to your writing life.

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There is always more to learn about the craft of writing, always a new book on writing at the bookstore, always a need to search out new ideas, always more research to be done, always . . . You get the picture. In addition, there are numerous writing conferences, workshops, and classes. Sometimes it can all seem like a massive, multi-floor library of information with various conflicting philosophies and techniques and theories. On top of that, the writing and publishing world keeps evolving.

That’s where The Writer’s Notebook can help you. As a writer and writing teacher, I’d like to help you simplify the vast volumes of information out there.

Each newsletter will include links to the most recent articles on Ink & Keyboard, links to other writing articles I have found helpful, and information on the writing that I don’t post on the site. Topics like the basic elements of specific writing genres and styles, grammar, editing, public speaking and public reading for writers, contests, takeaways from books on the craft of writing, and more.

Think of The Writer’s Notebook as a writer’s group, a writer’s workshop, a writer’s conference, or even all three delivered to your email inbox.

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